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Sustainability is a team effort

CEOs play a central role in corporate sustainability. At the end of the day, however, it is the company’s performance that counts – and this is always a team effort.


That is why the “Green Business CEO Rating” focuses not only on CEOs, but also on the performance of their companies.


The subsequent company rating is also included in the CEO rating with a weighting of 66 %.


Companies’ contributions to solutions for the most pressing problems of our time.

Previous company ratings were mostly based only on so-called ESG data and thus focused on the risk perspective of sustainability. The aim here is to reduce the negative impacts of business activities. However, this alone is not enough.


Additional positive contributions are needed to solve the most pressing social and ecological problems of our time. Companies should not only recognise these challenges as risks, but as new business areas.


“Green Business Switzerland” is convinced that a positive impact on the environment and society will become the central success factor of every company in the market. Customers and investors as well as society as a whole are demanding this more and more loudly.

Therefore, in addition to the ESG data, the latest SDG impact data is also included in the company rating. These assess the contribution of the companies to solving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Company rating: the results

We rate the companies in the SMI Expanded as well as the largest employers in Switzerland with a view to two perspectives: ESG and SDG Impact (cf. above). Both perspectives are weighted equally.


The companies are divided into four quadrants according to their performance in both areas:


The “impactful” (wirkungsvoll) companies are leaders in both areas. The “active” ones do well in terms of their ESG performance, the “effective” (effektiv) ones in terms of their SDG impact performance. “Passive” companies are either not interested in sustainability or communicate in a very non-transparent way.


It is striking that even the best companies still have a lot of room for improvement. The “Green Business CEO Rating” launches an important public discussion on this.


Below is the data-based assessment of Corporate Switzerland at a glance:


BILANZ: The Big Picture (in german)




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