Green Business Switzerland
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Research partner

The “Green Business CEO Rating” is based on a survey of internationally renowned sustainability experts.


The “Institute for Business Sustainability” from Lucerne developed the underlying scientific methodology, especially for this rating. It is unique worldwide in its depth and informative value.


The Institute for Business Sustainability (IBS) is an independent, internationally active institute for research and education in the field of corporate sustainability. It helps business and leaders make a positive contribution to solving societal and planetary challenges.


The IBS is led by Prof. Dr. Katrin Muff and Prof. em. (HSG) Dr. Thomas Dyllick.


Prof. Dr. Katrin Muff is an internationally recognised thought leader in the field of organisational transformation towards corporate sustainability, combining academic with strategic leadership experience.


Prof. em. (HSG) Dr Thomas Dyllick is an internationally renowned pioneer of sustainability management and was Pro-Rector at the HSG, where he founded the Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWÖ-HSG) in 1992.