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Sustainability management: from risk to impact

For the urgently needed changes, we need role models to guide decision-makers. In Switzerland, there is a growing awareness that sustainability is not just part of risk management for companies, but a key success factor. However, an important prerequisite for this transition is that sustainability becomes a top priority.


The “Green Business CEO Rating” 2021 analyses both the company performance and the personal contribution of the CEOs with a view to the social and ecological impact. The focus is on companies in the SMI Expanded and the largest Swiss employers.


“This rating is the national barometer for the sustainability impact of Swiss business leaders and thus aims to create a visible incentive for CEOs not only to be economically successful but also to make a positive contribution to solving significant societal problems,” says Mirjam Staub-Bisang, Jury President of the “Green Business CEO Rating”.


The “Institute for Business Sustainability” from Lucerne developed the underlying scientific methodology, especially for this rating. It is unique worldwide in its depth and informative value.


The “Green Business CEO Rating” will be published in the business magazines BILANZ and PME in the July 2021 edition.


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